For Public Entities
Helvetia Homes has the capability to finance, design and construct social/affordable housing, student accommodation and social rehabilitation projects, whether furnished or unfurnished.
Our buildings meet the needs of their residents, serving as functional multi-purpose living spaces while also meeting the requirements and standards of the public entity which commissions them. The layouts of our properties are considered, innovative and correspond to the modern layouts of the professional middle class.
We do not just replicate existing social/affordable housing models. Instead, our aim is to raise the standards and produce higher quality social/affordable homes and student accommodation to match the social requirements of an advanced, civilised, twenty-first century society.
Our social/affordable housing is more than simply a roof over people’s heads. Our homes are good places to live and precious possessions to be proud of, encouraging residents to care and respect for the properties and ultimately the community in which they live.
Our student accommodation meets more than the minimum requirements to house students. Research has shown that a basic environment creates a depressive mood which hinders the intellectual development of its student residents. Knowing this, we create living environments to inspire and energise the young generation to flourish and live happily.
  • Our Finance Packages for Public Entities

    We can structure financial packages to suit different needs. We as an organisation can design, build, and contract property management to private or housing associations (as a turnkey operation) based on a full finance package created by us.
    We can structure projects to include pension funds and institutional funds’ participation via our forum up to £200 million and participation of bondholders from £200 million up to £500million.
    We do not always require financial participation from the public entities. We prefer to have positive and constructive discussions with the local and central governments to identify their needs and possibilities so that the project’s details can be tailored accordingly.

  • Our Guaranteed Delivery Time

    We guarantee a delivery time for our turnkey operations, providing the public entity with peace-of-mind that the project will be complete in time for their deadlines, such as in time for the new university year.

  • Our Energy Efficient Homes

    We believe in creating living environments where it is more convenient to be green and energy efficient.

    We consider environmental issues as a necessity for an advanced, progressive community and not just as a tick-box requirement for the purpose of obtaining planning permissions and publicity.

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