Hevetia Homes offers a range of windows according to European standards,  produced from high quality materials including solid wood, aluminum, iron, steel and PVC. Our windows’ interior and exterior frames can also be made from different materials, forming combinations such as aluminium-wood or PVC-wood frames.
All our windows are double (4+16+4 cm) triple or quadruple-glazed with thermo insulating glass to provide optimal thermal and sound insulation. We also provide special glass such as bullet or hurricane-proof, or ornamental and stained glass with a thickness of 20-30mm. Modern sealing compounds and gaskets also provide full protection from wind and rain penetration. This is suitable for and complies with required specifications for high-rise buildings.
Our windows can be tailor-made according your preference in terms of the frame dimension, shape, style, material, colour and opening modes (from single or multi-wing to turning and sliding wings). We also have an extensive selection of high quality window sills and fittings including handles, locks, latches, rails and other additional functional and decorative elements. Our windows can also be equipped with anti-burglary components produced by well-known European manufacturers.

  • Wooden windows

    Our wooden windows are produced from high quality construction wood (sawn timbers including spruce, fir, ash, oak, larch and exotic wood). This is as a result of Šipad’s origins and involvement in forestry, the wood industry and wooden products since 1892.
    All our wood complies with EU regulations and is sustainably sourced, carrying the FSC Chain of Custody standards for responsible forestry, enabling the wood to be traced back to its sustainable source.
    Our windows’ wooden surfaces are protected with different kinds of natural coatings in several layers to provide protection against moisture, fungus and insects. They can also be varnished using ecological water lacquers in several colours.

  • Aluminium windows

    Our aluminum windows are produced from insulating aluminum (plasticised and anodising profiles from well-known European producers), enabling energy savings of up to 25% per year.
    The continuous, reliable sealing incorporated around the frame and the double vacuum glass also provides excellent sound insulation. Furthermore, the resistant, non-deforming frames provides full protection from wind and rain influence.

  • Wood/Aluminium and Wood/PVC windows

    Our windows can also be manufactured using a combination of wood on the inside and aluminium (or PVC) on the outside.

    The interior wooden frame provides a natural material warmth while the outside aluminum (or PVC, available in all RAL chart colours) provides durability and protection from external influences and maturing tendencies.

  • PVC windows

    Our windows use PVC profiles of well-known European producers, whose surfaces are smooth without pores and do not change in form and appearance over time, despite the influence of the sun, UV rays, salt water, wind, rain and air pollution. They are easy to maintain and can be manufactured in different colours and patterns.
    Our PVC windows can be manufactured for different kinds of built-in depths of wings and frames which provide solid and compact mounting. The PVC profiles can include 3-6 isolating chambers in the wing and the frame with double or triple gaskets to guarantee the best sound and thermal insulation.
    In the lower part of the windows, aluminum profiles protect exposed parts from climate influence. It is also possible for us to add a galvanised steel sheet reinforcement in the frame and the wing.

  • Window sills, fixtures and fittings

    We offer a large selection of window sills, fixtures and fittings including locks, handles, latches, rails and shutters and blinds from renowned European manufacturers to match your requirements.
    Our handles and latches range from simple, standard forms to secured, plasticised, brassed, rust-free models with interesting decorative elements, if desired.
    Our window sills have a top surface resistant to impacts. Our exterior sills are resistant to weather conditions while our interior sills vary in width, material and colors ensuring they are in keeping with the window style and interior furnishing.
    Our shutters for windows and balcony doors are mounted directly onto the window frame and are manufactured from high quality protected wood, including, but not limited to, spruce, fir, pine or PVC. They provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, anti-burglary properties and protection in bad weather conditions. We conventionally use chrome fittings for seaside locations to protect against rust.
    We can supply all kinds of aluminium and PVC roll-up blinds which can be operated electronically or by hand.  Interior rollers are placed on the interior side of the windows and they can be manufactured in different colours, and integral protection meshes such as for blackout and against insect penetration.

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