Heating and Energy Saving
We understand that different people, with different preferences, in different homes, in different areas of the world require tailor-made energy saving mechanisms to suit their requirements.
We build energy-saving properties in accordance with legislative and technical regulations for thermal protection of buildings and the rational utilisation of energy.
We can also provide energy saving proposals during the design and construction of new buildings. In cooperation with specialised professional institutes we can provide testing and evaluate an existing building’s energy consumption. We can provide studies and suggest technical solutions for reducing thermal losses.
We specialise in:
  • Installation of centralised heating systems using gas, electric, wood and pellets. This is in accordance with modern energy saving measures such as installing digital regulators with dual operation regimes for day and nighttime, heat pumps and gas condensation devices
  • Implementation of solar collector systems and heat pumps for warm sanitary water preparation
  • Installation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment: split air-conditioners and systems for automatic temperature regulation
  • Installation of interior and exterior lighting systems including the usage of LED downlights, which saves a significant amount of energy and has longer duration rates
  • Intersound communication, OSTV cable for cable TV and remote switch-on and switch-off heating, cooling, lighting and home appliances and control of safety systems (smart house)
In accordance with proposed U-values (thermal transmittance values) for windows and walls we calculate energy demands, mechanical, construction and organisation measures for energy saving.
Windows and doors contribute approximately 25% to a building’s total thermal losses. As part of our energy saving measures, we can improve thermal efficiency through the reconstruction or replacement of windows and doors and wall reinforcement. In order to reduce thermal transmittance we can replace existing windows for ones with double, triple or quadruple glazing filled with argon gas. We can improve thermal stability by applying different seals on windows, doorframes and wings and provide thermal insulation of facades with in-built polystyrene boards with thicknesses of 5 -10 cm.

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